Welcome to my writing site at The Authors Haunt and thank you for dropping by.

What can I say about me?  I’m nineteen and have just entered adulthood, but along with me I have brought my dreams and fantasies in the form of my stories.  Each story or poem contains a strong emotion for me, which I hope to share with you, be it grief or joy.  I hope that one day I'll be able to write as well as my idols, but for me to achieve that I will need your help - by sending me feedback.

My stories are written in a number of different genres as I like to experiment with my writing and explore the different elements of each genre.  Via my banner you can also find my poetry, or what people say is poetry - I think of them as ramblings rather than poems, but I like them as much as my stories.

You can also go to my forum by clicking on the ‘Forum’ link above, where you will find discussion threads for much of my work, and if you can't find a thread for a particular story or poem, please feel free to create one.  You can also email me feedback by going to the Authors Directory and clicking on the 'Contact' link beneath my name there.

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Special and huge thanks to The Authors Haunt for offering my writing and myself such an awesome home.

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